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- 4% paypal fee

GOLDS INFINITY Chiffon frill skirt - $45
brand new

GLAD NEWS wash style shorts - $30
brand new, size 28

~~~d.i.a all authentic!~~~
o1) faux fur top (white, no strap) -$50

brand new

02) tsyome style glitter tank - $30
like new

o3) open back cross chain top - $30
very good condition

o4) zebra trim top - $35
brand new

o5) faux fur trim top - $50
good condition

o6) faux trim top with strap - $60
brand new

o7) faux fur trim top silver cross charm - $55
very good condition

o8) skull print outer hoodie - $50
brand new

o9) size 25, fur trim shorts - $55

10) size 26, fur trim shorts - $55
brand new with tags

11) dia skirt - $35

12)size 25, dia dark navy shorts - $50

13) dia crop outer - $25
brand new

14) rabbit fur belt black - $55
brand new

15) rabbit fur belt brown - $55

16) moon belt - $90

17) reversible jacket - $35
preowned, good condition

18) biker style faux leather dia jacket - $50
brand new with tags

19) HELL DIVER hoodie - $65
like new

20) maria praying hands crop jacket - $50

21) tiger HUNTER print set up (blk x silver) - $85

22) zip up jacket - $45
preowned, good

23)punk skull jewel zip up - $60
brand new

24) DANGER skull guns zip up - $55
like new

25) d.i.a nb3 style jacket - $20
preowned, ok condition

~~~Ma*rs ALL AUTHENTIC!!~~~
o1) real mars skull zip up - $65
brand new

o2) 3 dresses all for $100

o3) everything pictured $145

o4) heart necklace *one stone is missing - $28

o5) polka dot headband + hat - $35
other one sold

o6) 4 ma*rs socks $70
(right one is sold)
first 2 left are brand new, black is used, pink is like new

o7) mars button up vest - $45

o1) off shoulder floral knit tunic top - $40
very good condition

o2) floral knit crop top jsk - $50
very good condition

o3) VIVI collaboration floral tulle sleeve dress - $40
brand new

o4) princess dress (beige) - $40
brand new with tags

o5) floral long sleeve tunic - $30
preowned, very good condition

o6) frilly floral short pants - $45
brand new

o7) checkered one piece - $15

o8) sweet animal print fur collar cardigan - $40
brand new with tags

o9) tulle floral princess sleeve romper dress - $40
brand new with tags

10) Floral princess sleeve romper - $35
brand new

11) brown 3 way rucksack bag. preowned & used. - $20

SET #1 contains 7 items. ALL FOR $30 SHIPPED USA! Int. Shipping is $23.
lipservice tank top, lipservice print tee, one*way floral tank,moussy shorts (small)
swordfish floral skirt and white crop blouse and black skirt

and lastly,

DS: Sweetie Chandelier SET, Dream Sky, Musee du Chocolat, Tokimeki Jewelery SET, Magical Etoile

- feedback
- I ship priority ONLY (safer for me, and for you. If you insist on first class payment MUST be sent as 'gift')
- please pay within 24 hours
- I will leave negative feedback for non-responding buyers who asked for invoice
- prices do not include shipping
- 4% pp fee
- only interested in trades for:
Angelic Pretty Royal Unicorn OP (IVORY/SAX)
any Angelic Pretty Chiffon OP/JSK (ex. dot chiffon series, petit patisserie OP..etc)
AATP Gloria OP in Black or Navy
Angelic Pretty Chocolate 3 Way Rucksack 3rd Release!! Ivory or Mocha.
Will look at other Angelic Pretty, Atelier Pierrot, Chantilly items, I am NOT interested in any other brands.

changing up my wardrobe a bit so thanks for checking out my sales!!

Angelic Pretty Sweetie Chandelier SET - $300
JSK + HB + OTK, first owner I worn once

Angelic Pretty Toy Fantasy OTK - $20
very good condition, I wore about 3 times
 photo photo15_zpsb2d01f12.jpg

Angelic Pretty Triple Ribbon OTK (WHITE/PINK) - $20
bought new and worn once
Angelic Pretty Shy Bear OTK (NAVY) - $33
new with tags
Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival Tights (SAX) - $50
new with tags
Angelic Pretty Dot Logo OTK (GREY) - $10
ok condition, just a bit pilling but the soles are good condition
 photo photo1_zps9647665c.jpg
 photo photo41_zps95fa1222.jpg

Angelic Pretty Trobbing Ribbon Necklace + Ring (RED) - $55
very good condition
 photo photo12_zpsb30fa2ee.jpg

Angelic Pretty Throbbing Ribbon SET (MINT) - $75
very good condition. Necklace + Bangle + Ring
 photo photo42_zpsc1414c82.jpg

Angelic Pretty Throbbing Ribbon SET (SAX) - $55
ver good condition
 photo aaa_zpse960b817.jpg

Angelic Pretty Tokimeki Throbbing Ribbon SET (PINK) - $75
very good condition
 photo photo23_zps94885b7c.jpg

Angelic Pretty Misty Sky OP SET (BLUE) - $330
bought off int. site and I wore it once, here is worn photo! it's a bright blue but I got the Lav OP so won't be needing 2.
 photo photo32_zpsa5310eb1.jpg

Angelic Pretty Dream Sky JSK - $220
new with tags, relisted due to non-responding buyer.
 photo IMG_7430_zpsb7ed72c3.jpg

Angelic Pretty Magical Lyrical Bunny Bracelet - $50
 photo photo13_zps9d052562.jpg

Angelic Pretty Holy Cross Ring (LAV) *looking to trade for black*
 photo aa_zps2f095a7e.jpg

Angelic Pretty Pong Bag - $88
there is some dirt on the bag see photo but its good condition
 photo photo43_zps4f85b280.jpg
 photo photo21_zpsc1cd7346.jpg

Angelic Pretty Unicorn Bag - $100
excellent condition, clean, i used it one time for a con
 photo photo31_zps684999c2.jpg

Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate Bag - $175
brand new, got it off the comm
 photo photo2_zps6b7ed74e.jpg

Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate 3 Way Rucksack - $188
used it 3-4 times, very good condition, this is second  release. Not sure why but the chocolate gold plate looks rusty? maybe it's the style but it's been like that when I bought it.
 photo photo4_zps7574dcb6.jpg
 photo photo3_zps8e315ae4.jpg

Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette SET (GREEN) - $395
bought it off Mbok. Very good condition I worn about 3-4 times. Socks I wore one time.
 photo photo16_zps01d00f2b.jpg

Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival Tights (BLACK) - $40
new with tags
 photo photoa1_zps354dc256.jpg

older sales of: Musee du Chocolat OP, Magical Etoile OP, Day Dream Carnival OP, Toy Drops